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Just one more jump

My skydive addiction started with a tandem jump that was made spontaneously at Skydown Skydiving in Caldwell Idaho. As soon as we landed I knew in my bones that the air was in my blood and I needed to aquire my license to jump solo. It was late in the season with winter approaching so I decided to start the course spring of the following year.

The air cravings were so strong that I ended up doing 4 other tandem jumps, 1 hour of tunnel time, read several books on the topic and endless hours of youtube videos during the winter months in preparation for the training.

As soon as the weather was bearable, I started my training. Noah Clarke was the exact instructor I was hoping for as his way of teaching paired perfectly with my learning language. Passing all levels on the first try and landing on my feet during all required jumps was the most proud I've ever been with myself. Noah always pushed me to do at least one more jump than I had planned on making before arriving to the dropzone and I always loved that encouragement.

Skydiving has changed my life in more ways than one and Noah has always been there with his knowledge and encouragement to push myself further than I thought I could. Now aproaching 200 jumps, I feel like I owe you my friend for everything you've taught me in the sport and the knowledge you always have to share. Blue Skies!

Justin Gebhard



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