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Private Instruction


  • Save Time - While offering private instruction, I will only be working with 2 students maximum during the course of a day. This allows for less down time and more jumps per student

  • Instruction Tailored to You - Working with the same instructor jump after jump can allow me to tailor jumps to specifically meet your needs. Each student learns differently and by focusing on fewer students we can more closely tailor the experience to that specific student.

  • Dropzone Independent - If the weather is bad at one dropzone, we can travel to the wind tunnel or another dropzone nearby. This flexibility will make the most of your trip.

During the '22/'23 winter season I am excited to offer more private skydiving instruction than ever before. I will be setting aside ample time to dedicate to private instruction with students who travel to see me from outside Florida. This is only available to students who are traveling to Florida to jump with me from outside the state (because I want to bring FL dropzones business rather than cannibalize it)



Florida is home to tons of dropzones and winter is their busy season. Come escape the cold winter and see what all the hype is at multiple Florida dropzones. Think of Zephyrhills, FL as the home base for your trip, but if weather pushes us to another dropzone we have multiple options less than 3 hours away.

Fly into Florida:

Tampa International Airport (TPA)

45 Minutes from ZHills

Orlando International Airport (MCO)

1.5hr drive to Skydive City/Zhills

1hr drive to Skydive Deland

Rent A Car (or don't):

If you plan on only jumping at Zhills and you stay at the dropzone you may be able to skip the rental car. If you are not staying on the dropzone at Zhills or want some freedom to move around you will want to rent a car to get around.


Skydive City | Zhills

Zhills has trailers on site available to rent. This is probably the most convenient albeit not cheapest option. There are full hookup trailers and also electric only trailers with no running water which are cheaper. For details contact:

Tent Camping is also available and cheap. I would be happy to provide a tent, sleeping bag, and blow up mattress so you don't have to travel with them.

Screen Shot 2022-10-11 at 10.50.33 PM.png


Skydive City | ZHILLS

On Site Camping / Trailer Rentals

Sunset Bar and Birdhouse Cafe

Sunshine Factor Gear Store

Robust Fleet of Rental Rigs

Twin Otter and and sometimes Caravan

Jump Florida

1hr 10 Min from Zhills

Caravan dropzone

Central Florida Skydiving

1.5hr from Zhills

Small Dropzone Feel

Cessna 182 Jumps

Less canopy traffic

Skydive Deland

2hr 15 Min from Zhills

Otter, Pac750, Occasional SkyVan

Bar and Cafe

Gear Manufacturers Everywhere

Skydive Sebastian

2.5hr from Zhills

Great Coastal Views

Caravan Dropzone



I know learning to skydive is a large investment, and private instruction sounds like it would be more expensive however because I am working directly with you we are able to keep costs low.

Expect to pay roughly the same as you would walking into the dropzone on your own, only now you have a dedicated instructor to take you through each step of the journey

In order to set aside time for private instruction, I require a $75 deposit to paid in advance for each day, but this amount is applied toward the cost of instruction for that day. Although the winter weather is fairly nice in Florida, weather days happen. For every 3 days scheduled, I'll waive the deposit for one day.


where are they?

Screen Shot 2022-09-16 at 1.40.53 PM.png


Skydiving continues to evolve as a sport and the technology becomes more advanced our training methods can adapt along the way.

Video Debriefs - Expect to get to review your video and debrief most your student skydives. I also generally provide an edited video and raw footage to my private students.

FlySight GPS - By using FlySight GPS units we are able to better debrief your canopy flight and landing patterns. This will help you understand your landing patterns more quickly and learn more about canopy flight than the average A-License student.

Digital Altimeters -  I provide either analog or digital altimeters for students to use. This allows students to use the same type of altimeter they will likely be using once they purchase their own.

Wind Tunnel - Part of our private instruction may include a trip to the wind tunnel which is only 45 min from Zhills. Wind tunnel training provides an amazing basis of body flight skills to apply in the AFF program. We will pair you up with our favorite iFly coaches and love to see the progress you make in the tunnel.



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Fill out this form so we can start planning your Florida trip for private instruction now, then I'll reach out and we can iron out the details.

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