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Wanting to go skydiving vs making it happen

This story was submitted by Cashley to enter to win an L&B ARES II digital altimeter through my Gear Giveaway #2. Submissions accepted until March 31st, 2023.

Learning how to skydive has been such a crazy and exciting experience. Like most people I know, whenever skydiving would come up in conversation I would say “Oh my gosh, I totally want to go skydiving!” but really never put that much effort into planning a day to go, or scheduling a tandem. When I first started talking to my now boyfriend, he told me that him and his friends were going that weekend and of course I said the same thing. Instead of that being the end of the conversation he said perfect, ill pick you up at 8 and I scheduled you for a tandem. So that Sunday, I went with this person I had only hung out with a couple of times and did my first tandem! It of course was amazing but I couldn’t help but want to do it by myself rather than attached to someone. So I kind of tossed around the idea of doing AFF but wasn’t 100% sold on the idea until I realized that I had now done three tandems and I should probably just sign up for a ground school class. The next weekend I flew to Tampa, completed ground school, and knocked out my first four AFF jumps, where I was lucky enough to have Noah as a coach for a few of them! Now I am onto my coach jumps and I am more and more excited every time I get to jump!


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