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Sunset High Pull Chit-Chat at 10,000ft

Fall sunset viewed above Skydive New England

So, this was the day after I got my license down at ZHills with Noah. It was my first time on the sunset load, and a bunch of people (myself included) all decided to do a high-pull because it was such a nice evening. I remember hanging there under canopy at 10k feet watching the sunset, when Noah comes up to my side. I managed to shout "How's it hanging?" above the wind, and just took a moment to admire how awesome it was to be hanging out with cool people a mile up in the air watching a gorgeous sunset.

Can't wait to jump with you again.



High pulls are some of my favorite jumps and I feel like they are a jump that so many people don't appreciate or experience often enough. I would encourage everyone to talk to the appropriate people at their dropzone and do a high pull as soon as they can. -Noah


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