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Summer at Skydive New England

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Skydive New England with Fall Foliage

The rumors are true. In a few short weeks around the end of April, I will be making the migration north to Skydive New England for the summer season. I have a trip planned April 18th through the 22nd so my last day working at Skydive City/Z-Hills will likely be the 17th of April.

This was my second winter season at Z-Hills and it has once again been an amazing time filled with wonderful people. I had the opportunity to license over 38 students during the course of the winter, and I'm sure I'll be able to stamp a few more foreheads before I make the trek north. While I missed working behind the Tiki bar a little bit this winter, I'm sure all bar patrons were relieved to have my girlfriend Brittany behind the bar instead. It was nice to not have my energy split between the bar and AFF. I'm very excited about things to come as my winter season comes to a close.

Skydive New England (SNE) located in Lebanon, Maine has been the best dropzone work environment I have had the privilege of working at. Skydive Danielson's owners have built up an amazing dropzone there and now are bringing the same fresh energy to Skydive New England. Here's to an exciting season at Skydive New England and the surrounding dropzones. I hope to see you there.


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Apr 11, 2022

I need to get back and jump Lebanon, Maine. Last time was on roller-blades out of the Twotter but that was back in the late '80s 😝🪂

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