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Peace and calm under canopy

It was a Thursday when I was scrolling through my facebook and saw that one of my friends was at Skydive City. I asked what he was doing there and he said ground school for AFF. Skydiving was always something I wanted to do but never took the step until now. I arrived the next day and did a tandem. I could not stop thinking about the skydive and quickly signed up for ground school. We didn’t get to jump the first day due to weather. So few days later I drove to the DZ. I remember that day was extremely cloudy and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to jump. Upon arriving I saw my ground school instructor Andreas and asked him if he thinks it’s jumpable he said we have to wait for an instructor to come down. Shortly after Noah arrives from a previous jumps says it looks good and up we go for my CAT A. I recall having nervous feeling and being super focused in the plane ride up checking in with Paul and Noah and out we went. The jump went smooth, I conducted my practice pulls and COAs locked on and pulled. When the canopy opened there was a sudden feeling of peace and calm. I quickly did my canopy checks and flew to my holding area to be guided down by Noah. Standup landing near the hangar! I couldn’t stop thinking about this jump even more than my tandem. So I went as often as able to the DZ and received my A license after 5 weeks. 158 jumps later and counting I’ve got to share the sky with some of the most wonderful and amazing people from all walks of life who love this great sport and hope to continue to share it for many more years to come!

Blue Skies!



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