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Gear Giveaway

Updated: May 1, 2022

Thanks for checking out my Bonfire Chats blog. I wanted a section to post updates, share stories, safety talks, and other content. I'd also like to share the stories of other skydivers. This gear giveaway is a way to share my students skydiving stores and give back to them.

Share your skydiving story for a chance to win a used SonoAlti Audible. I've got an extra audible and would like it to go to a good home. Please email a story about your journey or experience skydiving and a skydiving photo. This is intentionally open ended. It can just be about an entertaining jump. It can be about weather day shenanigans. It can be about overcoming fear etc. Just tell a story about skydiving and we can share it on the "Student Perspective" section of the blog. We'll pick one at the end of the month and they'll win a used SonoAlti audible altimeter from Freefall Data Systems! Must be a current or former student of mine to win but stories from anyone and everyone will be posted to the website! Email submissions to: If anyone else has extra equipment that they would like to see go to a newer jumper, please let us know and we'll plan another giveaway to get gear into our newer jumpers hands.


Noah Clarke


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