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Fear of the dreaded Hop N Pops

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

So this is my story. I was down at Zhills for AFF training followed by A-License training for most of the winter. I was traveling down every other 2 weeks and chose Noah as my instructor for "A". He was great, funny and very informative but very honest to point out strengths and weaknesses and in a constructive way.

At one point of the A-License he sits me down and says "You know what jump you have to do next right?"-----> The dreaded hop-n-pops. I told him "you better talk me into this because I have yet to be nervous or scared about any of the jumps but hop-n-pops....yeah...scared". He got me up to altitude to train the pulls then we did a few hop-n-pops. He pointed out strengths and weaknesses and we kept training.

Finally on the next to last day I was down last, we went up to high altitude for a jump. As soon as I landed, geared up immediately for a hop-n-pop at 5500. Fear was for some reason no issue (due to his humor in the plane). I did it, landed, re-rigged and finished my 3500 hop-n-pop as he was kicking me in the ass to hurry up and finish training. The picture attached sums it all up but I will say, great instructor and I learned a lot and have more to learn. Totally look forward to fun jumping with him many times in the future. Thank you buddy YOU ROCK!!

Andy Bradshaw

Andy got worked up about the hop n pops like so many others have in the past and will in the future. I'm thrilled that you were able to overcome that fear and learn to love them!


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