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Decompressing after deployments

After a long combat tour, an exceptionally rough year home, and then two short notice state-side deployments, I, desperately needing to decompress, texted one of my best friends "do you want to go skydiving?"

As any good friend should, he immediately replied, "F*** yeah let's do it tomorrow."

Fast forward a couple tandems and add our third bff into the mix, and the skydiving trio was born. We all decided to get our license together, became roommates, and ended up meeting Noah and many other passionate, knowledgeable instructors.

So far this journey has helped carry me through a high-stress season, cancer, surgery, and introduced me to a lot of really cool people (and dogs) along the way. One of the best decisions I've ever made and I thank God all the time that we decided on Skydive city-Zephyrhills.

Love and sunshine to all



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