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Across the pond to face the DOOR MONSTER

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

I'm 56, and from the U.K. I decided that I wanted to learn to skydive, but the British have an age limit of 50! I have since learned that this is because statistics show that people who start learning over that age are more likely to have accidents!

So I attended Skydive City, and met you. I had absolutely no idea of what to expect. I was a foreigner, trying to learn a new sport, with no moral support, and no one to unload on.

Until I met you.

You were the calm, confident, perceptive instructor, who instilled confidence, when I had none. After ground school, you were with me for almost every jump, and as a result, you got to know me well. You knew, for example, that I had a fear of the door monster, and as a result allowed me to come to terms with it in my own time.

When I was invited to the wind tunnel, you encouraged me to go, which was so helpful. Indeed, on another no fly day, you invited me yourself. I learned much, which probably assisted in my obtaining an A license on time.

Your encouragement and belief in me helped when I had times of self doubt; for that, I am truly grateful. I thank you, and genuinely hope to meet up again soon.

Best wishes


The patience you had for learning to skydive was incredible Nick. Coming all the way from the U.K. and then dealing with an almost unprecedented number of weather days! You said before you left you were even thankful for the number of weather days because you knew you learned so much on the ground and met so many good friends during those holds. I'll see you soon. -Noah


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