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Here’s a few things you should do now that you’ve started skydiving and your training for your A-License.

First off you'll quickly learn skydiving is just as much about the people you jump with as it is the actual jumping. Here is my contact info for you to save.

You’re more than welcome to text me to ask me questions etc. Please send me a message with your name so I can save your number. You can also contact me through social media if you prefer. If I ever fail to reply feel free to message again, sometimes I read a message between loads don’t have time to reply then forget about it later in the day.

And here's Skydive City's Facebook groups. One is catered to the Students/Instructors, and one is for everyone. If you don't use Facebook don't worry about this one, but if you do join both groups. They are a good way to stay in contact with all the people from the DZ and stay informed about events etc.

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If you've visited me at one of these dropzones, it would mean a lot to me if you gave us a review and mentioned my name!

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As you know weather has a massive effect on skydiving. One of the best places to check the weather for skydiving is Air Sports Net (​ and Lakeland Airport is a nearby US Air Net forecast.

You should look at ground wind and gust speeds. As well as percentage of cloud cover and consider what height those clouds are at.

You should also be aware of the winds aloft. These are the winds above ground level all the way to the altitude we are exiting at. If you are close to the DZ you can click the Skydive City link. If you are further from the DZ, use the top toggle to change from Lat/Long mode to MGRS and then copy paste this MGRS code 17RLM8658323016

Boz from Skydive Burnaby made this awesome spot calculator. He's an airline pilot and this is an awesome tool. If it's not available for your DZ, shoot him a message. Let him know you're a new jumper and he might add your dropzone for you!

Spot Assist, an iOS and Android app, is another useful tool for checking weather and winds aloft. Some of the features are free and some are paid ($0.99/month).


Where in the world are my students?

Where are they?



There will be quizzes throughout your training and a knowledge test before you get your A-License. Most of your training will be based on the Skydivers Information Manual aka the SIM ( from the United States Parachute Association (USPA). Download the PDF for free or buy a hard copy online from ChutingStar.

The quizzes you'll be taking can be found on the USPA website as well at Each of these quizzes will be completed during that category of your training. I have copied the questions here so I can track your progress.

Another useful study tool is the Rythm 101 skydiving app. There are A License flash cards to study as well as lots of helpful videos and other info. Download it for free below:



Join The USPA

If you haven’t already, you will need to join the USPA. They will be issuing your license when you earn it, send you a copy of Parachutist Magazine every month and also provide some other benefits to members and drop zones. Join through the button below. New membership $78, then $66 each year to renew.


09_Windy Tubes

Wind Tunnels

Wind tunnels provide skydivers an amazing way to practice our flying. The tunnel can be beneficial to skydivers of every ability level. Our closest tunnel is iFly Tampa about 40 minutes away. While any of the tunnel coaches can help you improve your skills, it is very important to let them know where you are at in your skydiving journey and what you need to work on.


There are some huge benefits to learning in the tunnel. The enclosed space provides a static reference point for every movement you make. It will be immediately obvious if you are moving forward, backward, accelerating, or decelerating your fall rate. Another benefit of the tunnel is the quick turnaround loop between flying blocks. If you book 10 or 15 minutes of time, it will be usually split up into rotations about 2-3 minutes at a time. You'll step in for a few minutes and practice, then you'll rotate out of the tunnel and have a few minutes to rest, reset, or talk to your coach then step right back into the air. In the sky we freefall for 60 seconds and then have a 4 minute canopy ride, a walk back to the packing mat, then our debrief and wait for the next plane. We might get 60 seconds of practice each hour.

Cost: $17.50/min

While 10 minutes in the tunnel may seem expensive at first it is extremely affordable when you compare it to 10 skydives with an instructor.

Richard Michel is a great instructor to work with at iFly Tampa. He is the best tunnel coach I have worked with so far. You can reach out to him directly by using his contact info below.


Richard Michel

iFly Tampa

Text: 443-623-2563

Wind Tunnels



Learning to pack is an important part of getting your A-License. Here at Zhills Sean Gregory teaches most of the packing classes. It's a great thing to do on a weather day or a slow day during the week. Generally weekends are harder to get much done.

Expect to spend roughly 3 hours learning to pack, but remember everyone learns differently and it could be longer or shorter. Sean's best days are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday starting at 9am. Cost is $75 but if you've purchased the A-License package from Zhills it is included.


Reach out to him directly to schedule:

Sean T. Gregory

Phone/Text: 813-312-4221



don't buy gear yet

Don’t buy any gear without talking to an instructor, rigger, or other qualified jumper. Start with the small purchases like helmets and altimeters. The Sunshine Factory at the dropzone has a great selection of skydiving gear to choose from. Someone around the dz may also be able to assist you in finding appropriate gear online, as well as give you advice on what practices are commonly used to attempt to keep all the parties safe from fraud. To learn more about my personal gear and my recommendations please take a look at the gear page.

Learn to Pack
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