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Freefall Data Systems Partnership

I'm excited to announce a partnership with Freefall Data Systems. Freefall Data Systems is small company centered around altitude awareness and produces their products Lompoc, California. FDS has a full lineup product range from digital altimeters to speaking audibles and LED indicator altimeters.

I chose to work with FDS because owner Casey Mongoven shares my passion for the students of our sport. More so than any other altimeter company, I've seen him post about his personal students and their wonderful progressions.

Freefall Data Systems is also producing a full lineup of innovative altitude awareness products. All of them sync to a smartphone to adjust settings and are incredibly customizable. I've used an original SonoAlti for years and had a few criticisms of the product over the years. Each of those concerns has now been addressed in the newer lineup of FDS products such as the SonoAlti 2.

ColorAlti 2 fills a unique hole in the altitude awareness market. Its a LED indicator altimeter that give you 10 LED's inside your visor that can indicate what altitude you're at. Think futuristic heads up display (HUD) altitude awareness. It's been an absolute game changer so far!

With the newer generation of FDS products in my possession and available for demo, I am passing along my original SonoAlti to one of my former students. Check out the Gear Giveaway page to find out more about how to enter the giveaway.


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