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Want to come skydiving?

Thats awesome and maybe it'll change your life like it did mine in 2013. I'm currently based out of Skydive City aka Zhills in Zephyrhills Florida. We jump 7 days a week weather permitting. You'll need a reservation and you can make one on Skydive City's website. The cheapest way to book is to call Skydive City and ask for the "Groupon rate".

I can't be your tandem instructor but I would love to shoot your video!

$209 13.5K FEET
$189 10.5K Feet

Groupon Rate
$159 10.5k then upgrade to 13,500ft


If you have more questions and want to contact me directly I've linked my contact info below.

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Request Noah for Video

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much does it cost?

A: A skydive from 13,500 feet costs $209. This is what I recommend. If you want you can also go from 10,500 feet for $189 but I would just recommend waiting another paycheck and going from the higher altitude. Give Skydive City a call (813)783-9399 and ask for their Groupon Rate. It is only $159 for a 10,500ft tandem and you can ask about upgrading it to the 13,500ft tandem as well.

Q: Do I need to make a reservation?
A: Yes! While there might be a possibility of us making last minute arrangements for one person to go, reservations are absolutely necessary.

Q: How long does it take?

A: Plan for a half day. Bring a snack and sunscreen. The actual jump will be a quick process but depending on how busy we are, the check in process, and weather delays you should expect to be on the dropzone for a few hours minimum. Show up on time to check in for your appointment. Showing up significantly early isn't neccesary.

Q: Can you(Noah) be my tandem instructor?

A: No, I am not a tandem instructor, but I can shoot your video and come along on your jump with you! If you want to learn how to skydive solo, I can be your AFF instructor and teach you how to jump alone. While all of our tandem instructors will take great care of you, feel free to request my friend Dylan!

Q: What's the deal with video? Should I get it?

A: YES. I regret not getting video of my first jump. I have thousands of skydives now, but I really wish I had pictures and video from the first time.

Q: Outside video or handcam or can I bring my own GoPro?

A: I highly recommend getting outside video or our extreme package. Having a dedicated videographer jumping out and flying around with you just adds to an already incredible experience. Handcam video is OK but doesn't give you that added fun of having someone else to fly with you. Request me (Noah) for your outside video and we'll have a blast.


You can't bring your own camera. Even a GoPro presents a significant safety consideration and requires training to use safely during a skydive.

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